About Us

Originating in 1990 as an engineering and valve operation, Denholm Valvecare is part of the Denholm Oilfield Services Group.

We have grown to become a recognised leading specialist valve operation employing highly experienced and skilled staff through our operations in Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth and Azerbaijan.

We strive for continual improvement of quality and refinement of our products and services while also seeking to offer new and innovative solutions. Our success comes from the high quality of our work, maintaining standards in line with ISO and other accreditations and through our commitment to maintaining a highly trained and skilled workforce.

Over the past 25 years' Denholm Valvecare has worked to build strong relationships with our customers, who can be confident that we offer the highest quality service. Our stability, integrity, and commitment to quality provide a strong foundation for lasting relationships with our customers and we pride ourselves on our long-term partnerships.

Denholm Valvecare have facilities strategically placed in Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth and Azerbaijan, whilst our containerised mobile valve service and repair workshops enable us to mobilise to anywhere in the world at short notice service our customers requirements.


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