Specialist Services

Denholm Valvecare has built its reputation on providing its customers with fast and reliable customer service.

We are strong on technical expertise, and have really effective working relations with customers and original equipment manufacturers of valves and associated products.

Some environments require special expertise and knowledge, such as:

Subsea Valves

Subsea valves are used in an under water environment. This can range from depths from shallow waters (50 meters) to very deep water (3000 meters). External environmental factors must be considered for all subsea valves and these valves will be designed and built to withstand these external pressures and conditions. Because Subsea valves are not easily accessible, owing to location and depth, and are normally serviced by Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV); it is of paramount importance that they can function without hindrance for many years, as replacement can be extremely costly.

Top Entry Ball Valves

While by design the Top Entry Ball Valve is suitable for the maintenance and repair to be conducted in line, without the need to break containment of the pipeline.

Based on years of experience in the repair of top entry valves and approved service centre for the installation of the manufactures spare parts such as balls, seat rings, stem, trunnions etc. Denholm Valvecare has all the special machines available to service these types of valves anywhere in the world.


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