Supply Chain Management

Denholm Valvecare's experience in Supply Chain Management ensures all items are suitably sourced and are available at the correct location in the required timescale.

We specialise in valve selection and procurement and, harnessing our existing agreements with valve manufacturers, we ensure competitive prices are obtained in the procurement processes. We make full use of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in supplying inventory and spares support. We have analysis based on experience to ensure that spares holdings are optimised based on populations, lead times, failure rates and the risk of 'stock-outs'.

Our Procurement philosophy involves a very proactive and independent relationship with all the key vendors and manufacturers within the valve industry. Where necessary we will arrange down-stream contracts. In other cases our customers may be better served by a more traditional procurement approach. The following principles are applied:

  • Ensure the technical solution is correct prior to commitment
  • Evaluate the best commercial solution against life cycle costs
  • Share spares inventory between customers
  • Give support based on OEM components
  • Reverse Engineering in house
  • Platform access to our Stores Inventory
  • Ensure delivery & quality are achievable and achieved
  • Deliver integrity and visibility of purchasing mechanisms based on our QMS system
  • Select the optimum storage points, whether offshore, onshore or at manufacturer
  • Set appropriate minimum and maximum levels for spares based on criticality


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